Foundation colour matching.

Hi everybody,

I think after all these years that I have finally got my foundation colour down! (It’s about time!) but it did take a lot of trial and error.  However, it has made me realise that there were a few times that I was parading around with the wrong colour foundation on, which I’m sure was an excellent look… Not.

The photo below is an example of the current colour I wear (bottom: cover girl outlast stay fabulous in 810 classic Ivory) which is the perfect colour for me.  The top swatch is Nars Sheer Glow in Fiji  which was colour matched for me.

 It is much MUCH to yellow, when my undertone is very pink.  I can’t even imagine how she thought that colour would match me?!  I could have had the slightest bit of colour when I got matched, but I never fake tan and there is no way a foundation this yellow would ever match my skin, ever!

How do you find your prefect foundation colour and have you had any bad experiences being colour matched?


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Cover girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation [Review]

hi everybody!

Today I wanted to do a review on the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation.  Firstly, I want to say that this foundation is really easy to apply.  Blends very easily and doesn’t apply patchy (for the most part).  I have read reviews that say this foundation oxidises quite dramatically, but I haven’t had that problem.  (I do have very yellow, harsh bathroom lighting so maybe I haven’t noticed?!) They have a colour that I think matches my skin perfectly (classic Ivory).

810 classic ivory

I use a beauty blender to apply mine, because I find I get a nicer finish when I press the foundation into my skin instead of buffing it in.  This comes down to the fact that I have normal to dry skin.  Because of this, I don’t set my foundation with a powder as I haven’t found one that fully agrees with my dry skin (suggestions welcome!). I’m sure this affects it’s staying power.

This foundation is medium coverage at most and has quite a matte finish.  It does however slightly cling to dry patches on the tops on my cheeks.  I also find it hard to apply this foundation  on my nose, as it just seems to stick to the dry patches and I find it hard to blend the foundation out in that spot In particular.  It states that it has “the coverage of a concealer” but I have found that not to be the case.  It will cover minor redness on the face, but if you have any spots (like I do) you will need to go in with a concealer as it won’t fully cover them up.

initial application. Blemishes on cheeks still slightly visible. minor redness on nose.

After a few hours, I do find that I start losing coverage around my problematic areas (cheeks, both sides) and on my nose.  Definitely a foundation that requires touch ups throughout the day.  This foundation is probably better suited for people with normal to oily skin. 

For all my dry skinned girls and boys out there, what products do you recommend?


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Urban Decay – Naked Flushed pallet [Review]

Good evening everyone,

Tonight I wanted to do a review on one of the most reached for products in my makeup bag. The Urban Decay Naked Flushed pallet in Strip. Firstly, it’s compact a doesn’t take up a lot of space in my makeup bag and it has a nice big mirror.

Inside there is a bronzer, highlighter and blush in very cool tones, which is perfect for my skin.  In the pan, the bronzer looks to have glitter in it, but it doesn’t show up that way on the skin.  It has a lovely sheen that is perfect for warming up the face.  I don’t usually contour with this, instead I would reach for my Benefit Hoola for that.  But it is perfect for adding some warmth to my face, without looking muddy.

The highlighter is a little to glittery for my liking.  I have used it a few times, but since I purchased my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone.. I haven’t looked back!

Last but not least is the blush.  It is a lovely pinky/mauve colour (the photo doesn’t do it justice.) It can swiped along the cheeks for a real subtle colour, or built up to be a bit deeper.  Either way, it’s a very pretty colour.  I have read a few reviews that say the blush looks quite chalky (which I agree with), but its easy to blend and sits on the skin very nicely.

Overall, I LOVE this pallet.  If you have this, what do you think? Are there any other pallets you recommend?


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Is it a crime not to prime?

I think the title says it all.  Is it really a crime not to prime?  I am putting this question to you, the people.  I will admit that I don’t always use a primer. Sometimes (most times) I  just moisturise before putting on my foundation.  Now, this may shock and appall my fellow dry skinned girls and boys out there.  But is a primer really necessary?  Or will good old fashioned moisturiser do the trick?

If you are all about the primer, which do you recommend?


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Beauty blender is life.

(well, I did it.  I started a blog one year ago… Aaaand forgot about it.)


Living in Australia has its positives and negatives. No, we are not all bronzed beach babes (NW 20 over here for all you MAC lovers.) however, we have amazing coffee.

One downside being everything is so damn expensive here! When I say “everything” I am specifically referring to makeup in this case. I watch beauty guru videos on YouTube religiously! I love them.  And for a while the only way to get a lot of products was to buy them online.  Call me old fashioned, but when it comes to makeup I like buying it in person so I can try it out first.  I’ve always been very reluctant to buy online.  So when sephora opened their first Melbourne store, I felt like all my prayers had been answered.  It took me a while to drag my ass to the CBD for a visit, but when I did I just wanted to BUY ALL THE THINGS!

I want to do a proper review on the things I picked up, but first things first… Beauty blender is life.  I never thought about trying a sponge before to apply my makeup, because honestly it seemed to time consuming.  I just wanted to slap it on with a brush nice and quick and head out the door.  But I tell you what, I have been missing out.  I want to try it with a couple more foundations to give a proper review, but so far it is living up to all my expectations and I highly recommend it.  

What are your thoughts on it? Tips and tricks? Please share.. I’m new to the sponge!

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Melbourne, I don’t understand you!

Oh glorious Melbourne, how I don’t understand thee.  Cloudy and raining one moment, sunny the next.  It’s my last day of annual leave and I feel like I should utilise my last day off freedom.  But, I have quickly decided against that and have opted to sit of my ass and watch Television instead.

This past two weeks I have discovered the joys of Netflix. Now I think I have been quite slow to jump on the bandwagon, but boy am I glad I got on! What have I been doing with my life? Working? Socialising? My life is now banging out a tv series in a weekend.  At the moment, I’m on Orange Is The New Black. But I can’t help but think, what next after I finish season two? And then season three comes out and I have to watch it one episode at a time like normal people? What will I watch in between? I am open to all suggestions.

Happy Monday!


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The Dreaded Boot Shopping.

good morning all!

I am currently writing this blog on the run! Winter is coming! This means I will go from shopping centre to shopping centre to find the perfect winter boot!

However, I have slim calves. This poses a big problem as I can never find a knee high boot that fits tightly enough (Sigh! First world problems!)

Any advice from the Melbourne girls as to where to find the perfect slim fitting boot?

Enjoy your weekend, the sun is actually out!


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Lipstick is NOT my friend.


So last night I had satisfied my shopping desires by ‘just looking’ and was ready to head home without spending a cent, until..

I saw that pesky M.A.C counter peering at me from the back of Myer. Well it would be rude of me to not have a look now, wouldn’t it!?  Every time I head into M.A.C I always look at the lipsticks and them remember my insanely dry lips (especially at this time of year.). I had been advised a little while ago to try a Cremesheen lipstick by M.A.C as they are more hydrating.  I found this one just moved around on my lips and didn’t really coat my lips properly.  If that at all makes sense?

So now I am pulling out the big guns.  I have bought many a lip product to try and combat my dry lips, so I can reach for the dreaded matte lipstick!! This include:

  • M.A.C Prep and Prime lip basE
  • M.A.C. Lip conditioner
  • Lush bubblegum lip scrub

I also bought two lipstick, Diva (Dark red, matte) and Angel (pink, frost) which I am very keen to try out.  I have never been a big lipstick person, but I am hoping perhaps this new routine will be successful! Here’s hoping!

Let me know if you have any tips or hints for dry lips this winter!

Have a great day – Emma.

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20 something girl starts blog – what’s new?

So I have decide to start a blog, which I have been wanting to do for a while now!

..and now that I am here I’m thinking how to introduce myself, without sounding like just another 20 something year old sharing things that no one really cares about.  But to be quite honest, I am just another 20 something year old who has started a blog literally about nothing.

(Well, aren’t we off to a flying start?)

I really just want to use this platform as a way to share my thoughts, (wow, how clichè), things that I’m loving, things that I’m hating… You know, stuff!

And if that at all sound interesting to you in any way (and let’s me honest, how could it not?) come back for a little read.

Have a great day!



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